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>>> it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five"." obama care exchanges will open for business two months from today and the administration is scrambling even though the bill was signed into law over 40 months ago. nobody seems to want a part of the bill including people in his own administration. today the head of the irs dedicated to much of the oversight said he doesn't want to participate. >> why are your employees trying to exempt themselves from the law that you are attached to enforce? >> i don't want to speak -- i can speak for myself. i can stay with the current policy i am pleased with rather than going through a change if i don't need to go through a change. >> at the white house carney asked about staffers who don't want to have to live under obama care and are trying to get out of it. >> i think this is something that i would refer you to congress on. we are clearly about the business of implementing the law that congress wrote and passed. >> his own people don't want it like it is cooties. >> these people have the best health care coverage in america, people in ad
hill meanwhile, the obama care battle is raging. question -- should obama care opponents focus on defunding the plan or make work harder at getting the individual mandate repealed? senator ted cruz joins us exclusively to tell us about his strategy. >> and then russia spits in president obama's eye and gives asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden. next month's summit in russia still go on? can the white house let this happen without any response? all those stories and much more coming up on the "kudlow report" beginning right now. >> good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is the "kudlow report." first up tonight, very strong start for stocks this month. the dow and s&p closing at record highs. by the way, it's the first time the s&p has closed above 1,700 points. with yesterday's dovish fed statement, you got solid earnings this quarter and some positive economic data with today's jobless claims. are we in the perfect climate for stocks? we never are but we have to ask our distinguished experts. first up, dennis gartman and we have ed bartowski. i want to go to my pal denn
from obama care. >> why are your employees trying to exempt themselves from the very law that you are attached to enforce. >> i prefer to stay with the current policy that i am pleased with rather than go through a change if i don't need to go through that change. >> reporter: this as newly revealed e-mail suggests irs may have shared confidential information. the american public is entitled to know whether the irs is inappropriately sharing their confidential tax information with other agencies. today he tangled with texas republican. >> you assured us that the irs despite the significant abuses of power were investigating that the irs has never shared private taxpayerer information with other federal agencies. i am looking at an e-mail from 2008 where louis lerner did exactly that. >> i never assured that there aren't incidences that occur. we share information roughly with 300 different federal and state agencies as a matter of routine business. and we have procedures and safe guards in place. >> reporter: lawmakers say in the process of investigating the irs targeting of conse
deal. what about the obama administration's big push to paint real problems as phony scandals? >> this administration is the least transparent in history. they're making it very clear that what they said they don't do. they deny, they deceive, they delay. >> whether it's about the attacks in benghazi and the talking points or revelations about conduct at the irs. the attempts to turn this into a scandal have failed. >> this has to stop. this is not a scandal. this is a national security failure where four brave americans died and we're doing nothing to bring the people to justice to understand how it failed. >> all of these scandals, he calls them they're not distraction, they're real. they detract from the reality of what happened to the country on the policies. >> fireworks over obama care because the price tag is going higher. some leading republicans pushing a new effort to fund the law entirely as we get more bad news on how much it will cost. it's hurting the people, the jobs, the 40-hour workweek. there is bipartisan agreement that this isn't working. if we can't fight
>> 40 meaningless votes that repeal obama care. >> president obama is in denial. >> we've had lots of votes about obama care, none of which had any chance of passing. >> we're not going to give him -- >> we don't have the votes in the senate or in the house. >> we need people with vote -- with tattoos, people without tattoos. >> why is president obama threatening to shut down the government in order to force obama care down the american people's throats. >> i'm not the least bit concerned about what some might describe as perception. >> the house is clearly where things go to die. >> i'm sure the august resist will have our members in in a better mood when they come back. ♪ we're on a mission ♪ come on and ride on the fantastic ride ♪ >>> may i entreat your grace to pardon me and hear a tale in which the course of obama care repeal did nar run smooth. senator ted cruz and some of his fellow tea partiers are starting to choke down the idea that they face long odds trying to defund the affordable care act through a budget measure this fall. senator justice joined a tea party ra
has invited sharif to washington fo for talks with president obama. he says he still wants his government in the drone attacks on pakistani soil. >> and the light of today's discussion, we will continue this dialogue on how to stop this policy of drone attacks. nations is warning violence against afghanistan civilian population is increasing 23% over the same time last year. the figures were disclosed wednesday. >> the number of civilians killed or injured rose i 23% compared to the same time last year. deaths and 2533 injuries, total of 3852 civilian casualties. this marked an increase of 14% injuries and 28% in over the same time it in 2012. >> us-led nato occupation forces to do in its formal mission in afghanistan next year. and a report from the pentagon says the afghan military will "substantial training, advising and assistance -- including financial support goes quote long after the december 2014 withdrawal date thre. were heldal elections in zimbabwe wednesday in the latest challenge to longme president agave whose main challenger called the elections a huge farce and
looking out for you. >>> welcome to "hannity." tonight, the battle to deep fund obama care is investigatgetting with some members of the republican party calling it dumb and others calling it exactly what the country leaves. now they want to block the health care law on october 1st, the point at which government funding must get renewed by congress. others in the party say it's too politically risky. senator tom coburn said, quote, it's not an achievable strategy. the dumbest idea i've ever heard but a dozen senators have backed to push this including senator ted cruz. >> the question i have asked of my republican colleagues over and over again is what is your alternative. if we simply sit here and meekly do nothing or if we cast another symbolic vote to repeal obama care that never go anywhere, we will be aaceding to it. >> that reminds me of another public address delivered nearly 40 years ago. >> i became a republican not because the parties were the same but precisely because they were different. more than half of those who didn't vote have been polled and say it no lon
obama versus the liberal media. it is true, this is a battle going on today. and the most heart warming photo of the day, a marine comes to the rescue of a 9-year-old boy. we're going to tell you what happened in tonight's shout out. >>> our third story out front, russia's crack down on gays. there's been a lot of international pressure on this, but they said today that the country isn't bowing to it. they will not suspend anti-gay laws during the olympics. anyone that goes to the olympics sochi could be arrested and deported if they're gay. >> speed skater trains in his event physically and mentally. the only gay athlete known to be planning to compete in the games. >> i would say i'm a little bit worried. >> reporter: not afraid despite the risk. he is well aware of russia's intolerance of gays and lesbians. and they find any people who express any support of gays. the police have the power to arrest anyone who appears to be spreading, quote, prop began that of nontraditional relations." russias supports minister and a prominent lawmaker say the new law will be enforced. >> what kind
'll like this. another hit for obama care, the government bean counters say that young people are not going to get insurance so healthy 20-somethings won't bail out the old and the sick and we are now precisely two months from day one of those obama care exchanges. isn't that ready? we are. "varney & company" is about to begin. and 900 million dollars are chananging hands online. that's why the internet needs a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this going to be big. it's time to build a better enterprise. together. bounce is great because the freshness lasts for weeks in the drawer. why can't everything stafresh that long? [ male announcer ] how do you get your bounce? [ man ] lasting freshness. >> i've got headlines for you from apple this morning. and the journal reports a new ipad mini will be out in time for christmas and they will have a better high de-def displ. and it's 82 billion dollars overseas, more than any other american company. they do
and the economy improved, the obama white house struggles to maintain order domestically and, yes, even abroad. russia today allowed america's most wanted man, and as a liquor edwards snowden to leave the moscow airport after granting him a one-year temporary asylum. the move that embarrassing blow to the obama administration was as -- which has charged him with espionage. today's signal that it could hurt relations with moscow. >> we are extremely disappointed that the russian government would take this step despite our very clear and lawful requests in public and private to have mr. snowden expelled to the united states to face the charges against him. this move by the russian government undermines the longstanding record of law enforcement cooperation. lou: the white house says it is now evaluating whether to proceed with a planned summit in moscow scheduled for next month. on capitol hill silence from those who have called snowdon a hero. there was strong bipartisan combination. here is senator chuck schumer. >> russia has stabbed us in the back, and each day that snowden is allowed to roa
president obama intends to meet with congress to discuss programs as fell as the controversy fisa courts. president obama is not done trying to reboot his economic message. first, they were called that then went behind closed doors on capitol hill yesterday. the president with sessions to rally across the middle last plan. the house speaker didn't miss an opportunity to take a dig. >> i'm not going to speak for what the president is doing or why he's doing it. if i had poll numbers as low as his, i would be out doing the same thing if i were him. if i were him. >> now, just for comparison sake here, boehner's favorability, 18%. president obama, 48%. during one of the sessions the question about the next fed chairman bubbled up. according to reports, the democratic president walked up to the microphone saying larry summers, bad choice. they were told not to believe everything they read in the huffington post. the president added summers was the rock of guibraltar. the white house is making it clear that witch scandals, things being cooked up by critics while discussion the second term age
americans. president obama promised to bring those responsible to justice, remember? >> we will not waiver in our kmisment to see justice is done for this terrible act and make no mistake, justice will be done. their families and colleagues and all americans know this. their sacrifice will never be forgotten. we will bring to justice those who took them from us. there should be no doubt that we will be relentless tracking down the killers and bringing them to justice. >> if i may, the president in his own words, quote, we will not waiver, and they'll never be forgotten, and this one, we will be relentless in tracking down the killers. disturbing words considering we learned today a news organization claims to have interviewed the leader of the terror group responsible for the benghazi attack. nice job, president o, no suspects, no interviews, no leads, no answers. here is ed henry pressing jay carney today. >> how is it that someone who is potentially lead suspect in this terror attack could sit down with a media organization for a couple of hours and never be contacted by the fbi. >> i wo
to the american people. >> the white house says it's considering whether president obama should meet one on one with president putin at the g 20 summit in russia this year. lawmakers from both political parties want even tougher action than that, more on that part of the story coming up. first to the fox report correspondent jonathan hunt in the "america's newsroom." what is next for edward snowden. >> now is he literally free to move about the country of russia as a refugee as russia has now officially labeled him. is he entitled to government housing, he might also get a hotel room and rent an apartment according to his lawyer who said today, quote: he now is one of the most sought after men in the world. the issue of security is very important to him: snowden himself in a statement thanking the russian government and said over the past 8 weeks we have seen the obama administration show no respect for international or domestic law but in the end, the law is winning. so, for now, harris, edward snowden's home is somewhat ironically a country not exactly known as a paragon of individual libert
. >>> later today, president obama meets with a group of lawmakers who don't like what's happening in the nsa, the white house is defending the agency's controversial domestic surveillance programs even as new information leaks about the nsa's ability to monitor everything you do online. >> reporter: the obama administration under attack for its surveillance programs. national security agency director keith alexander heckled. >> i don't trust you. >> i haven't lied to congress. >> reporter: while congress questions is the nsa spying on us? and who is accountable for edward snowden's leaks? >> anyone offered to resign from this? >> reporter: the administration declassified more documents in an effort to show that the surveillance is vital to national security even as a new article by glenn greenwald unveiled new information from snowden. greenwald said it proves that nsa can see everything you can do. >> with no overnight, no supervision, prior to search, enter an ip address, they can discover your internet connections. >> i sitting at my desk certainly had the authority to wiretap anyone. >>
. president obama coming up to capitol hill yesterday, meeting with house democrats and meeting with senate democrats. where he apparently got a lot of questions about the keystone pipeline and questions about rumors he might consider appointing larry summers, former treasury secretary under bill clinton, appointing larry summers to be the new head of the fed. a lot of members of congress unhappy with that prospect because they had such a terrible time with larry summers when he was treasury secretary. also, on the hill, the nsa came underfire in the senate judiciary committee, republicans and democrats raising serious questions about the big phone spying program of nsa. we'll bring you up to date on that and a whole lot more right here on current tv. (vo) current tv gets the conversation started weekdays at 9 eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. (vo) sharp tongue. >>excuse me? (vo) quick wit. >> and yes, president obama does smell
are expected to marry this year. >>> right now president obama is meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers to discuss concerns about the nsa's top secret surveillance programs. the group of about a half dozen top intelligence lawmakers include outspoken opponents. according to a white house offici official, it's important for congress to hear from the president directly including some of the program's most prominent critics. >>> and from the news cycle to the spin cycle, the controversy that was sparked by the secret surveillance program has now left a moscow airport. after 39 days in limbo he was finally granted asylum in russia. not everyone is happy about this. >> we are extremely disappointed that the russian government would take this step despite our very clear and lawful requests. >> mr. snowden's actions have hurt the ability of our country to protect our citizens and i would hope that president obama would engage president putin on this issue and resolve it in a way that's satisfactory to the american people. >> the move now raises questions about the fate of the president's 34r57
in part this, one of the least attractive legacies of barack obama will be the way he empowered freshman senators to believe they were only one or two good speeches away from the presidency. right now the show horses of the united states senate are rand paul of kentucky, ted cruz of texas, and marco rubio of florida. all preparing for a 2016 presidential bid. all making visits to iowa. they're the new faces of the republican party. really, really new. the three of them have an average age of 45 and an average tenure in washington of 1.9 years. that's not necessarily a bad thing. >> no. it's awful. >> paul and cruz in particular tend to drive other republican senators nuts. asked by the new republic whether he would support rand paul or hillary clinton for president, mccain laughed and said, it's going to be a tough choice. actually, it wouldn't. if rand paul got nominated for president, mccain would be the honorary national chairman of republicans for hillary. >> you know, this is one of the things that, mike, has driven me crazy about republicans that have been talking about marco rubio
and chris christie. and president obama is not giving up on trying to get congress to do the right thing. >> president obama is heading to the hill a little bit later on today. >> president obama had pep rallies with house and senate democrats. he kept his message tight and focused. >> jobs, middle class. >> basically just another internal campaign rally. >> not everyone thinks that is a great idea. >> just a further vision of a widely planned pan. >> also, you see what ted cruz said? there are a lot of politicians who say they are opposed to obama care. >> stand for principles, stand up and be funded. don't fund obama care. >> he is comparing mitch mcconnell to barack obama. >> our top political priority should be to deny president obama a second term. >> go back to the lesbian food co-op. >> would-be thieves ramming a pickup truck. >> but first, senate officials are grilling top candidates. >> pertaining to the controversial collection of millions of telephone records. >> there are checks at multiple levels. >> don't expect there is no risk or consequences. >> the new york city mayoral
this month, president obama announced that he would once again pivot to the economy. the bottom line of his speech, after 4 1/2 years of the obama administration, quote, we're not there yet, end quote. the president is right. we're not there yet. economic growth is the key to job creation and recovery, but america's growth rate is anemic. from 2010-2012 it barely averaged 2%. in the fourth quarter of 2012, it was 1/4 of 1%. according to the most recent estimates. these figures translate into deep economic pain for america's workers and families. the june, 2013 jobs report showed an increase of 240,000 in the number of discouraged workers, those who have quit looking for a job out of frustrn pe working part-time, who really want full-time work past 8.2 million, that is a jum of 322 tchourks in just one month. worst of all, the truest measure, the rate that includes both discouraged workers and those who cannot find a full-time job continues to exceed 20 million americans. that rate rows from 13.8% back to 14.3% in june. america's labor force participation rate has fallen to levels not seen s
and jobs. >>> reporter: president obama made the 1.6-mile trip down pennsylvania avenue to rally his democratic troops. he brought a simple message. >> jobs, middle class, broke. >> reporter: democrats asked the president for help in next year's midterm election. he braced members for a fall budget showdown with republicans. >> hello, everybody. >> reporter: over on the senate side, the president offered reassurance about his healthcare reform, immigration reform and the economy. >> the president came in with focuses and a message and emerged with a unified caucus behind him. >> reporter: the president wants democrats to take that message back to their constituents over the august recess. republicans are also trying to get on the same page before they leave town. tuesday the president offered the gop a plan to lower tax rates for businesses in exchange for more spending on roads and bridges. republicans called the deal dead on arrival. >> i'm not going to speak for what the president is doing or why he is doing it. if i had poll numbers as low as his, i'd probably be out doing the sa
of barack obama's presidential campaign. he created the digital strategy that helped get president obama elected. last year he got married, he married sean eldridge in new york state. now, mr. hughes' new husband is running for congress as a democrat. the two of them are a democratic power couple from bright blue new york by way the bright blue california by way of harvard. to go along with his many, many millions and his liberal politics, mr. hughes last year bought a liberal magazine, the new republic, where you can find headlines like, new data that shows why the next republican nominee is screwed, and obstructing obama isn't in house republican's self-interest. john mccain, undecided 2016 voter, an exclusive interview. republican senator john mccain sitting down for an interview with the lefty smart kid of the new republic would be news in and of itself. check out what he says. the magazine asked him about the painful budget cuts forced by republicans in congress. the ones that were never supposed to happen. john mccain voted for those cuts which were supposed to scare congress into
. this as president obama on the hill today, assured lawmakers he was hearing their concerns about the reach of the nsa and even agreed to meet with a number of them at the white house tomorrow. today meetings came just hours after the administration announced they would be declassifying the now infamous secret court order compelling verizon to hand over all their american customer's phone records in bulk. that was edward snowden's first revelation, the one that kicked this whole thing off. today we got his latest. the piece published by glenn greenwald, with documents provided by snowden, details another nsa surveillance program, a top secret national security agency program that allows analysts to search with no prior authorization through vast databases containing e-mails, online chats and the browsing history of millions of individuals. those details of yet another nsa surveillance program are sure to add to the momentum decidedly, sharply, i would say surprisingly in one direction. momentum that today led to a scenario that just six months ago would have been unthinkable. keith alexande
fellow republicans for shot supporting a government shutdown over obama care. he's a political terrorist on this one. >>> and weiner's sexting scandal has been very good for the tabloid business and late night medians. >>> finally, i'm going to talk about cruz, paul, and lee. and this is "hardball," thths. you make a great team. it's been that way since the day you met. but your erectile dysfunction - it could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek
>>> the government's surveillance programs go under the microscope today. president obama will make his case to lawmakers to keep the nsa's spying capabilities alive. >>> major league baseball prepares to hand out suspensions toll more than a dozen players for their involvement in the sport's latest performance-enhancing drug scandal, and the game's highest paid player could be facing a lifetime ban. >>> and george zimmerman surfaces. the neighborhood watch volunteer acquitted of murdering trayvon martin has a minor brush with the law. captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs thursday, august 1st, >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, august 1st, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, this afternoon, the growing debate over privacy over national security moves to the white house. president obama meets with a bipartisan group of lawmakers to discuss the national security agency's sweeping surveillance program. meanwhile the british paper that first revealed the program has published documents that appear to show the nsa can sift throu
. esident obama, according to sources in the white house, they say that ty are meeting on a one-to-one basis and there was that large group that happened just a few months ago and so a number say that they are not making much headway on anything that would resemble a grand bargain. neil: not encouraging, but thank you for the help. happily, what do you think? >> president obama wants to create the perception that they are willing to bargain and compromise and willing to come to the center. but if you looat the details of the president's proposal, and so far as there are details, it doesn't look like there's a lot in there for people who believe in government. >> you meet with the democratic leaders to sort of get them all on the same page. but a day after when you offer this, it was game changing not to include republicans in the game the next day. i don't think that that is good. >> it is time for the democrats and their point of view, and i'm sure republicans on the other side are getting their talking points in order for august recess. very important, trying to change the subject which ha
presidente obama hablÓ a puertas cerradas con demÓcratas de ambas cÁmaras >>> y no se dijo pÓngase listos, este es un momento histÓrico donde podemos cumplir para el pueblo norteamericano, no sÓlo para los inmigrantes y para la seguridad de la frontera >>> obama agradecÍa a los defensores de la migraciÓn >>> gracias por ser lÍderes en el Área de inmigraciÓn la historia estÁ a nuestro lado. una coaliciÓn dijo que durante agosto trabajaran el costa a costa del paÍs para impulso tara reforma migratoria. >>> en el receso de agosto habrÁn mas de 360 eventos que estÁn bplaneados a cabo. >>> el mensaje es que actÚen de inmediato son una reforma migratoria amplia para quienes siguen viviendo en las sombras. es un verano es caliente por regreso por la reforma migratoria, congresistas y activistas salen que les espera una ardua y larga tarea en agosto. esto es crucial para el futuro en el congreso. >>> el congreso en. >renÉ: zo pero los receso, per los migrante no. edwards snowden dice monitoreÓ cualquier dato privado en la internet. buena noticias para los universitarios a pro wlan
. and that includes the fight over defunding obama care. cruz, along with mike lee, marco rubio and others are all urging their senate colleagues to sign a pledge vowing to vote no on any spending bill that spends even a penny of the president's health care law. the government shutdown is their ultimate bargaining chip. a focal collision of conservative groups including the tea party patriots and citizens united took to the capitol hill today as part of that fight against the president's health care law. their argument to republicans -- you fund it, you own it. well, like flies to honey, cruz and tea party republicans were there to greet them, of course. here they are. >> there's no battle more important than this opportunity right now to timely defund obama care. obama care is the biggest job care in this country. it is hurting the economy. >> it hangs over our economy like a cloud of uncertainty and people don't know what tomorrow is going to bring. >> we're standing for the people. i hope the president understands that and eventually if we stand strongly enough, comes around and starts standing
a sneak peek of the birdie cake for president obama. he turns 52 sunday. >>> and jeff lake, the most beautiful person on the hill, and the most beautiful woman happens to be gale king's daughter. you learn new things around here. >>> there's a new round of evacuations in washington as a massive wildfire continues to burn. the blaze is only 8% contained. authorities declard a state of emergency and implemented a stadewide ban on outdoor fires until the end of september. that's a look at our forecast. i'm joined by bill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. august 1st means adifferent thing to certain people. to weather people it means the real start to hurricane season and some the end of summer. >> why is that always on the mind of weather people. >> i know, this is the way we work. this is the mountain we're about to climb. this is where we are today. this is the graph representing frequency of tropical storms. that's why the next six weeks you should watch. remember, the predictions are 7 to 11 hurricanes. we haven't had any yet. typically we get our first one in the beginning
you the most. >> not her. >> john: who came on.nt obama .o >> president obama, i really liked. the first time i met the two of them, i thought, they're sane. they're not crazy. you appreciate that for people in the white house. michelle obama would come on and she was like a real person, never said, don't ask me this or don't ask me that. there was never anything like that. >> john: do you find the more famous and powerful they are, the more real they're able oh to be. the first time i met george harris and paul mccartney, i was shocked at how normal they are. anyone let you down. >> some of them are just actors who are used to a script. when you're asking them regular questions they don't know really what to do. they get nervous and they're like deer in the headlights. i like to interview people about things other than their last project. that's why i enjoyed my job on current. i could do that here and i'm really going to miss this show. >> john: i watch this show every day in my office. this is what i love about your show. i know you hate the compliments, but you and bill ma
reporting on the intense race situation. also ahead, the inside story of president obama meeting with hillary clinton and a revolt among some fast food workers in america. [chanting] caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us this tonight. under heavy pressure to stop demonizing america by calling it a racist society and start trying to solve some of the severe problems in poor african-american precincts far left grievous industry is getting more desperate every day. instead of trying to come up with solutions caused by outcome african-american men the catastrophic dropout rate in the inner city and destruction of the traditional black family, the race hustlers and their sympathizers have descended into the gutter. top gun in this tawdry display georgetown university professor michael eric dyson. >> we can indict the white family there is a loft negativity. there is a lot of dismissiveness. crass materialism that refuses to care for the other. we can talk about the pathology at the heart of the w
. welcome back to the show. great to have you on the set. to talk about the 1% under obama it turns out there real is gdp growth. >> the economy is overly regulated regarding the ultimate cost of obamacare. and then with the emerging mont current market countries like china and the list will go one. gerri: at some point you think they would discount the current administration why does this continue to be such a problem for corporate america? >> is having a great deal of difficulty trying to find growth potential for sales are profits with the interstates the we had today surprisingly enough the with the record bubbles they will not increase wages until they feel confident about the sales prospects. gerri: this is what the president should be focused on. at the end of the day there are people running around. why doesn't matter? >> this is very strange. you could make the argument the current administration effectively has been good for the stock market in the wealthy but on either hand after-tax income has grown by more than 1% in fact, 1.3% and that is down substantially from the lousy
exempt exempt status with additional scrutiny, president obama promised his administration would fully cooperate with conscious in its investigations. he also stated that he directed treasury secretary lew to follow up on the i.r.s.'s inspector general audit to get more information as to how this happened and who was responsible to make sure that the public understood all the facts. i was encouraged by this initial response. as you recall, mr. president, i worked to clear the way for secretary lew's confirmation here in the senate. even though many of my colleagues had expressed legitimate concerns about his nomination. i did so in large part because i believed him when he promised to be fully transparent and cooperative with congress. when the president said that he'd ordered the secretary to get to the bottom of this, i expected him to live up to his promises to do so and to work with us as we try to do the same. imagine my surprise then to hear both the president and secretary lew state over the past week -- say that with our investigations into the i.r.s. targeting, congress was cr
captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: the obama administration released classified documents today outlining the national security agency's massive collection of domestic phone records. good evening, i'm gwen ifill. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the "newshour" tonight: the release comes amid reports of a new n.s.a. spying program on internet activity. we look at the latest revelations and the secret court at the center of the controversy. >> ifill: then, ben bernanke's tenure as federal reserve chairman nears its end, as the debate over who will replace him begins. we examine how that choice could affect the economic recovery. >> brown: egypt's government ordered police to take all means necessary to disband protests in support of the ousted president. margaret warner explores the potential for violence and the actions of the new military rule. >> ifill: and in india, child labor is outlawed, but a staggering number of children still toil away. fred de sam lazaro reports on efforts to change that practice. >> the combination of official and middle-c
's release has u.s. officials weighing whether to cancel president obama's planned summit with putin next month. >> we will obviously be in contact with russian authorities, expressing our extreme disappointment in this decision and making the case clearly that there is absolute legal justification for mr. snowden to be returned to the united states where he is under indictment on three charges felony charges. >> brown: meanwhile, the president met privately with a bipartisan group of house and senate lawmakers to address concerns about the n.s.a.'s surveillance programs. back in russia, snowden now has a grant of asylum for at least a year. that can be extended indefinitely, and he even has the right to seek russian citizenship. a short time ago i spoke to paul sonne of the "wall street journal" in moscow. paul, thanks for joining us. how much of a surprise was this in moscow? >> i wasn't a particular surprise. there was a lot of writing on the wall here that the kremlin was going to make this decision and the real question is why was the kremlin predisposed to granting edward snowden a
the faa of dragging its feet on the issue. >>> a big win for a local company. obama care is coming and the silicon valley company is a key player. scott budman here with an exclusive look inside the company bringing the technology to health care. >> they are, raj. e-health got permission from the government to use the internet based platform to get people insurance under obama care bringing attention to a company from both washington and wall street. >> reporter: health insurance has been a struggle for millions of people, especially those who don't get it through their employer. >> on your health care -- >> reporter: the obama administration wants to change that with its new federal health care law commonly called obama care. >> replaces -- >> reporter: a big beneficiary of obama care is here in silicon valley. >> travelocity is health insurance. >> reporter: one way to describe e health, a company that will walk you through the web of health care on the web. >> we what we've done is really simplify the process, put all of the information very clear language, allow you to compare
about why the union employees working at the irs are seeking an exemption from obama care when that agency plays such a critical role. >> why are your employees trying to exempt themselves from the very law you're to enforce? >> i can speak for myself. i prefer to stay withrrent polid with rather than go through a change if i don't need to go through the change. >> change is coming to the irs. president obama is nominateing a new irs commissioner. aides think he has the right leadership skills. >> thanks. an important recall underway. tens of thousands of pounds of ground beef may be tainted with the bacteria e.coli. we have the details straight ahead. >> looks like it just got a lot harder for the u.s. to get its handses on ed snowden. his lawyer said russia just granted him asylum and he is out of the airport and on russian soil. all of that straight ahead. his dad knows he's not. that's why dad got allstate accident forgiveness. it starts the day you sign up. [ female announcer ] with accident forgiveness from allstate, your rates won't go up just because of an accident, eve
information on classified nsa information on parameters said this. today. we have seen obama administration show no respect for international or domestic law, but the law is winning. i thank the russian federation for granting me asylum. jay carney said russia is jeopardizing diploma diplomatic relations with the u.s. by all allowing snowden to live there. >> we're extremely disdisappoi disdisappointed that russia would take this step, and not have snowden ex-spelled to the u.s. to face charges against him. he should be returned to the united states as soon as possible where he will be accorded full due process and protections. >> michael: sometimes i really don't believe that jay carney believes what he's saying. that was one of those moments. and a new poll released shows that majority of americans disagree with that. 55% think that edward snowden is in fact a whistle blower, while 45% think he is a traitor. jay carney issued a veiled threat saying they're considering a. : >> michael: joining us now from washington, d.c. one of our favorites, michael tomasky. great to have you back here.
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